COSHH Awareness (RoSPA Approved)


Many businesses use hazardous substances as part of the process of manufacture, whilst some produce such substances as a result of those processes.

By definition, such substances can cause harm to employees, contractors and other people.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) create the general requirements for employers to protect employees and other persons from the hazards created by hazardous substances used in the workplace through the use of risk assessment, control of exposure, health surveillance and incident planning.

This course provides an awareness of the essential COSHH requirements for those working with, or potentially affected by, hazardous substances.

Course Content

  • What is COSHH?
  • Recognising Hazardous Substances
  • Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • How Substances Cause Harm
  • How REACH operates
  • The COSHH 8 step process:
    • Step 1: Risk assessment
    • Step 2: Decide precautions
    • Step 3: Prevent or adequately control exposure
    • Step 4: Use and maintain control measures
    • Step 5: Monitor exposure
    • Step 6: Health surveillance
    • Step 7: Plans and procedures to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies
    • Step 8: Inform, train and supervise

Course Duration

40 minutes

Target Audience

  • Anyone working with or near hazardous substances and needing a basic understanding of the requirements of COSHH

Available In

  • Audio
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via

  • Internet

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