Microsoft - Access 2010
The Microsoft Access 2010 course takes you through basic database tasks, building tables and forms, sorting and filtering of records and designing reports
Microsoft - Excel 2010
The Microsoft Excel 2010 course takes you through the basic spreadsheet tasks, cells and worksheets, layout, formatting and proofing, formulas and functions, presenting of data visually, sharing, analysing and organising of data
Microsoft - Outlook 2010
The Microsoft Outlook 2010 course takes you through Outlook basics, creating and formatting content, managing messages and contacts, tasks and notes, calendar and other folders
Microsoft - PowerPoint 2010
The Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 course takes you through Basic Presentation Tasks, Creating Slide Presentations, Using Graphical and Multimedia Elements, Creating Charts and Tables, Applying Transitions and Animations, Collaborating, Preparing and Delivering of Presentaions
Microsoft - Word 2010
The Microsoft Word 2010 course takes you through Basic Word Processing Tasks, Formatting Content, Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content, Using Illustrations and Graphics in Documents, Applying Refrences and Hyperlinks, Sharing and Maintaining Documents
Microsoft Office 2010 Range
This course includes the full Microsoft Office 2010 Range.