Managing Electrical Safety - Inspection Test and Maintenance (RoSPA Approved)


The requirement under Regulation 4 of the Electricity at Work Regulations is for “electrical systems to be constructed and maintained so as to prevent danger at all times”.

The term ‘danger’ - which is unique to the Electricity at Work Regulations - is defined as “the risk of injury from electric shock”, which means that the Regulations therefore require all electrical systems to be set up and maintained in such a way that they do not allow anyone to suffer injury as a result of the electricity that may flow within the system at any time.

Setting up and maintaining a system to achieve this requirement needs all those involved to understand the role played by inspection, test and maintenance of electrical systems.

This course enables the learner to understand this role and covers:

• User checks

• Visual inspections

• Formal visual inspections

• Combined inspection and testing including PAT


• Electrical equipment safety in low-risk environments

Course Content

• User Checks

• Formal Visual Inspections

• Combined Inspection and Testing – PAT

• PAT Competence

• Combined Inspection and Testing – Other Areas

• Control of Electrical Equipment Safety in Low-Risk Environments

Course Duration

30 minuets 

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors of staff working with electrical equipment.

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