Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications


Job analysis, job descriptions and person specifications sound like three pretty dry subjects! But think about it – employing the wrong person can be a costly and stressful business. Many disastrous recruitment decisions have resulted from getting just one key element of the recruitment and selection process wrong.

Not getting anything wrong, of course, depends on robust processes and good skills. However, robust processes and good skills, in turn, depend heavily on effective preparation - and this crucial preparation phase is detailed within three important documents:

  • The job analysis
  • The job description
  • The person specification

This course will enable the learner to create valid and effective versions of all three documents and so ensure that recruitment and selection activity is built on firm foundations.

Course Content

  • How job analysis is used and why it is important
  • Content of job analysis
  • Using job analysis to aid diversity and avoid discrimination
  • Why job descriptions are important
  • The key elements of a job description
  • The benefits of a person specification
  • The key content of a person specification
  • Essential and desirable criteria
  • Avoiding discrimination within a person specification

Course Duration

50 minutes

Target Audience

  • Anyone involved in the recruitment and selection process, especially the preparation phase

Available In

  • Audioa
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet


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