P3O® Foundation


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ILX Group’s accredited P3O® Foundation online learning covers all aspects of the P3O® guidance. Using voice, animation and activities, the course takes approximately twelve hours to complete which is equivalent to a three day workshop.

The main body of the course consists of seven lessons which cover the principles, techniques and structure for implementing a Portfolio, Programme and Project Office, including a Centre of Excellence, through to the business case and 

planning for implementation


  • An exam simulator which results in exceptional pass rates
  • Increased retention of learning aLess time taken to learn Increased control and visibility of progress and achievement
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Accessible from any location

What’s Included

  • 12 months online access to our accredited P3O® Foundation course
  • Full tutor support, plus many additional materials to help put P3O® into practice
  • P3O® Foundation mock exam revision tool

Target Audience

  • Those requiring an understanding of Portfolio Management and the supporting environment for successful programmes and projects.
  • Managers attempting to provide a structure for prioritisation and control of corporate organisational investments, particularly those using PRINCE2® and MSP®, although any methodology can be effectively improved using theP3O® model
  • There are no pre-requisites for studying this course or qualification other than an understanding of the project and programme environment.

Learning Synopsis

P3O® Overview

  • What a P3O® is and why it is relevant
  • Who the P3O® guidance is aimed at
  • The differences between Projects, Programmes, and Portfolio Management

P3O® Services & Functions

  • The objectives of each functional or service area
  • Strategic Planning, Delivery Support and Centre of Excellence
  • Assurance services, through gated reviews or audit
  • P3O® governance

Model Structures

  • Services and functions delivered through various design models
  • What kind of model to deploy
  • The reporting structure of a P3O® model
  • Critical success factors of a P3O® structure
  • Information Assurance for projects and programmes

How to Operate a P3O®

  • Portfolio prioritisation, Management Dashboards, Information Portals and Knowledge Management
  • Some of the facilitated workshops a P3O® may be asked to lead
  • Business process swim-lane diagrams and the benefits they can bring
  • How approaches can be tailored for different demands

P3O® Roles and Responsibilities

  • P3O®“Management & Generic” roles and those that are “functional”
  • The purpose of each role, and be aware of some of the key responsibilities of each
  • How the roles might be implemented within the various P3O® models
  • Some of the key skills and competencies needed within a P3O®

Developing a P3O® Business Case, Why Have a P3O®?

  • The benefits of a P3O®, and the capabilities of a P3O®
  • The Principles for Extracting Value. A Value Matrix
  • What performance improvements can be expected

How to Implement or Re-Energise a P3O®

  • A Blueprint for a programme of change, for a successful P3O® 
  • The lifecycle needed for P3O® implementation
  • How to setup and run a Temporary Office structure

Case Studies

  • A large bureaucratic organisation delivering health services to various government departments across Europe
  • A medium sized organisation delivering hardware and software solutions to their broad customer base
  • A small organisation delivering construction project management for their clients

P3O® Examination Technique

  • How to approach the P3O® examination

P3O® Examination Simulator

Featuring sample questions from the P3O® examination, using the correct timing and providing feedback for each question


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