Using Open and Closed Questions


Effective questioning is crucial in the workplace and a key part of good communication. But in order to gain the information you’re seeking, you’ll need to know what types of questions to ask.

This course will help you understand the different types of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions and when it’s best to use them.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what is meant by ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions
  • State the purposes of asking open and closed questions
  • Differentiate between the different types of open question
  • Describe how to use closed questions to deal with avoidance behaviour
  • Describe how to use closed questions to gain commitment

Course Duration

  • 10 Minutes

Target Audience

  • All members of an organisation requiring a base level understanding of the subject

Available In

  • Mixed-Media

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
Price: £25.00