Time Management - Managing Disruption & Keeping Focused


Most of us are distracted several times, if not dozens of times, every day.

We get emails and phone calls; we are pulled into last-minute meetings; we are asked for information and advice. And this all works in reverse, with us having to write a quick email, make a phone call, or call an unexpected meeting. We also need to take breaks to give our brains, eyes and ears a rest. On top of all this we have non-work interruptions and disruptions – the social interactions that are all part of life at work.

Everyday interruptions can be a major barrier to managing your time effectively, and, ultimately, can be a barrier to your success.

Learning how to minimise these distractions can dramatically increase your productivity and effectiveness, as well as reduce your stress. This course will enable you to minimise distractions, get into flow, produce high-quality work, and achieve much more during the day.

Course Content

  • Interruption logging
  • Reducing the disruption caused by emails, instant messaging, phone calls, the internet and other people
  • Operating an open-door policy properly
  • Dealing with uncontrollable interruptions
  • reducing the disrupting effects of the working environment
  • Keeping focused at work


45 Minutes

Target Audience

  • Anyone finding that their ntime management is being negatively affected by interruptions and distractions

Available In

  • Audio
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet


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Price: £25.00