Staying Safe with Noise (RoSPA Approved)


The effects of noise on hearing can be profoundly damaging, often resulting in permanent hearing loss. Not only is this morally and ethically undesirable for any organisation, it can also result in significant financial penalties and personal injury claims.

This course will help the learner to understand how his or her hearing works and how it is affected by excess noise. It will also mean that the learner will be able to recognise noise risks and put in place appropriate safety precautions.

Following this course an employee will be able to recognise noise risks and act proactively to prevent harm occurring.

Course Content

  • The effects of noise
  • The two metre rule
  • How your hearing works
  • Levels of risk
  • Safety precautions
  • Ear plugs and defenders

Course Duration

35 minutes

Target Audience

  • New starters
  • Any worker likely to be exposed to noise risk

Available In

  • Audio
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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Price: £25.00