Preparing for the Appraisal


Henry Ford said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success” – and never was a truer word said about appraisal discussions!

Preparedness on the part of both the appraiser and the appraisee represents the difference between a poor discussion that is frustrating, ineffective and a rich source of legal blunders and a discussion that creates understanding, constructive communication, motivation and shared achievement.

This course will enable the learner to understand the importance of being prepared for the appraisal discussion, and how to carry out essential preparatory tasks.

Course Content

  • Why Preparation is Important - The Appraiser
  • Why Preparation is Important - The Appraisee to the Individual
  • Preparing the Appraisee
  • Self Assessment
  • Preparing Yourself - Training
  • Planning Your Appraisal Discussions
  • The Appraisal Environment

Course Duration

25 Minutes

Target Audience

  • Any manager with line responsibility for performance appraisal

Available In

  • Audio
  • Non-Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet


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