Objectives for Managers


Having completed this course the learner will be able to set and agree objectives that are effective, motivational and relevant to the organisation.

This course will help the learner to understand the role of objectives within the organisation, particularly the relevance of managing by objectives. The course also looks in detail at what is meant by SMARTER objectives, why each of the criteria is important and how to create objectives that meet them.All successful organisations set goals and objectives and, in most cases, achievement of these will rely on the performance of the people within that organisation. Managers who are able to set and agree SMARTER objectives will ensure that their people are engaged in activities that are developmental and relevant to the achievement of organisational goals.

Course Content

  • The Role of Objectives
  • Management by Objectives
  • Types of Objective
  • Barriers to Objective Setting
  • Creating SMARTER Objectives

Course Duration

  • 10 Minutes

Target Audience

  • People managers requiring a base level understanding of the subject

Available In

  • Non-audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
Price: £25.00