Mentor4Managers: Managing Teams


This course contains a series of 18 videos which discuss topics relating to the management of teams and the dynamics within them.

The 13 videos that make up this course are:

Video List

  • Creating accountability in teams
  • Encouraging creativity in teams
  • Managing young people - What's different?
  • Play chess, not draughts
  • Resolving conflict in teams
  • Should I worry about conflict in my team?
  • The bullied manager
  • When do I use my authority to resolve conflict?
  • How do I build trust?
  • How do I deal with mobile phone use at work?
  • How do I identify good and bad conflict in my team?
  • How do I prevent conflict in my team?
  • How do I use flexibility when managing young people?
  • Do I delegate effectively?
  • How do I motivate my whole team?
  • How do I decide to whom I should delegate
  • How do I decide what tasks to delegate?
  • How do I maximise the chances of achieving team goals
Price: £10.00