Ionising Radiations - A Background (RoSPA Approved)


There is a wide spectrum of different types of radiation, almost all of which occur naturally.

Although it is not necessary for most managers and other employees to have a detailed understanding of how each of these types of radiation is produced or what their properties are, it is a necessary to have a basic knowledge of what each type of radiation is, what it does, what type of hazard it presents and how it can be controlled.

It is also necessary to be able to recognise the different workplace situations and tasks that may produce or use the various types of radiation, and who may be exposed to them as a result.

This course will enable the learner to understand the nature and occurrence ionising radiations, and the health effects of irradiation and radioactive contamination.

Course Content

• The structure of atoms

• How radioactive decay and ionising radiation takes place

• The nature and occurrence of:

• Alpha particles

• Beta particles

• Gamma rays

• Neutron radiation

• X rays

• The health effects of irradiation and radioactive contamination

• The sources of exposure to radon and its effects

Course Duration

40 minuets 

Target Audience

Anyone in workplace situations or undertaking tasks that may produce or use ionising radiations

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