Ethical Entrepreneur


A Values-based Management Approach to Sustainable Success


Interest in starting up a new business and self-employment is growing in the UK and in many other countries. The long-term future of the global economy depends on being able to improve the success rate of small businesses and new entrepreneurial ventures. Some of the main factors encouraging this trend are changing business patterns e.g. the closure of High Street shopping areas, the uncertainty of Brexit, plus the rigidity and corruption reported concerning many big businesses, e.g. the excessive compensation to CEOs who only serve for a short period. Maximising short term financial results is all-too-often their primary measure of success. The success that has been observed in the start-up of many new technology-based businesses by young people is another encouraging factor. It is our view that when new ventures are built on a strong foundation of fine values, then respect and trust for business leaders can be restored and business can better serve their important role in society. We want to support such an initiative on a global basis. Our aim is to demonstrate how business can be:

Ethical & Effective,

Principled & Profitable,

Conscious & Commercial.


Course Content

Ethical Entrepreneur provides guidance on how the practical application of 30 fine values will greatly enhance the performance of 9 core management functions - relating to how we think, how we relate to others and how we act in business. The basic premise is that, in addition to possessing necessary business skills like finance and marketing, the management of a business needs to be guided by fine values like honesty, courage, patience. If they are put into practice, then then fine business values like credibility, efficiency, innovation will manifest which are the keys to establishing a long term sustainable, responsible business. This will benefit all those involved including employees, clients, suppliers and members of the community.

More than 100 videos are included, including many interviews of senior business executives telling their stories about the successful application of values in their business life. Some of the videos are of Business School professors speaking about the importance of values and ethics in business.

A Mindfulness exercise is included in each module to be practiced in order to bring about a more quiet reflective state. A question about how the value covered in the module can be best applied to your business is then presented for your consideration.

As part of the purchase of the E-Learning Course, the Ethical Entrepreneur E=Book will be provided free of charge. The contents of the book is as follows:

Session 1 The State of Business in Society Today

Session 2 Trust in Business & Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Issues

Session 3 The Millennial View of Business

Session 4 Values in Business

Session 5 Ethical Entrepreneur Values Profile

Session 6 Inspiring Leadership & Meditation

Session 7 Ethical Decision-Making & Mindfulness


Course Duration

There are 30 modules each covering the nature and application of a fine value with 5 sessions per module. The total study time is about 30 minutes per module.


Target Audience

Entrepreneurs-new start-ups
Small & Medium sized company managers
Large Company Department Mangers
Business School students
Self-employed individuals


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Audio/Video based E-Learning

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