Allergen Awareness - Published by Teaching4Business


About the Course

This fully interactive Allergen Awareness e-learning course has been written to meet the newly released BRC Global Standards for Food Safety Issue 6 which will now be used for all audits.  These new standards require all production staff to be given Allergen Awareness training.  Specifically clause 5.2.9 states that:-

"All personnel, including engineers, temporary staff and contractors shall have received general allergen awareness training and be appropriately trained in the company's allergen handling procedures"

Being more comprehensive than the Allergen content in a typical Food Safety Level 2 course, our Allergen Awareness training course has been designed to meet the BRC Global Standards requirements.

Using audio, visual and interactive animation, the course is delivered in an enjoyable and refreshing formatthat helps keep the learner engaged whilst they learn.

Written by educational and industry experts, the course is validated via a secure online student management system and the certificate is available upon successful completion.

Key Features

  • Proven Training techniques – developed by professional training consultants and industry subject matter experts
  • Written to conform to BRC Global Standards for Food Safety
  • Fully interactive with audio visual and animation
  • Learn at your own pace and repeat modules as often as needed
  • No special IT skills necessary
  • Comprehensive yet simple management system allows managers to add/delete and monitor student's progress
  • No limit to the number of students who can be logged on to the system
  • Authorsed Secure Certificate on successfull completion
  • Other courses available including HACCP (due 2nd quarter 2013), Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Hazard Awareness, and Health and Safety

Modules Covered

  • Introduction to Allergies
  • The different allergenic food ingredients
  • Case Studies
  • Allergies
    • Food Allergies
    • Deaths and Statistics
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Symptoms
    • Commmon Allergenic Foods
  • Allergens and the British Retail Consortium
    • Food Manufacture
  • Food Labelling Regulations
    • Packaging and Labelling
    •  Product Recalls
    •  The Law
  • Food Allergens and HACCP
  • Cross Contamination
    • Protective Clothing
    •  Hand Washing
    •  Separation
    •  Deliveries
    •  Storage
    •  Weighing
  • Multiple Choice Assessment
  • Certificate available once the Assessment has been passed (minimum pass rate of 65%)


  • It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
  • No tutor costs
  • No travelling costs
  • No additional staff costs
  • Stop and start the training whenever you like
  • Fit modules into working hours, during breaks or in your own time
  • Takes approximately ½ hour to complete.
  • Students gain an Auditable Certificate on successful completion

Certificated, Recognised, Legal, Relevant - Simple

Price: £35.00