Person-Centred Practice


Health and social care professionals provide the highest quality of care by developing strong partnerships between themselves, the individuals for whom they care and the other services that provide care and support.

Person-Centred Practice, with its focus on providing personalised care that treats people with compassion and respect, provides a framework that enables health and social care professionals to create effective relationships between all parties.

This course aims to ensure that the learner understands what Person-Centred Practice is, why it is important and what constitutes best practice in its implementation.


Course Content

Person-Centred Practice and its relationship to wellbeing

What is Person-Centred Practice?

Personal values

Professional values – The Six Cs

Person-centred values, including:

• Individuality

• Choice

• Privacy

• Respect

• Independence

• Dignity

• Partnership

• Rights

Care plans

Handovers and team meetings

Communication in Person-Centred Practice

Course Duration

  • 45 minuntes

Target Audience

  • Those working in health and social care requiring an understanding of Person-Centred Practice.

Available in

  • Audio with Subtitles

Delivered Via

  • Internet
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