Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks


Many people have jobs where they are required to work alone and without direct supervision. This absence of immediate help or assistance creates significant risk because of the ever-present prospect of accidental injury or violence and aggression – the latter, for some occupations, being accompanied by the added risk of robbery or other crime.

This course looks at the five key lone working occupational groups and helps the learner to identify the occupations that fall within those groups. By identifying their own, or a similar occupation, and the group into which it falls the learner is able to go on to recognise and identify with the particular risks to personal safety that apply to that occupation.

Course Content

  • The five categories of lone worker – typical occupations and risks to personal safety:
    • Those who work in other people’s homes or premises
    • Lone workers in retail outlets
    • Isolated lone workers
    • Those who work in hazardous off-site environments
    • Transport workers and lone drivers

Course Duration

30 minutes

Target Audience

  • Anyone working alone and/or without direct supervision or contact with colleagues

Available in

  • Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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