Health and Safety in Health and Social Care


The main reason for health and safety legislation is to protect people at work and those who are affected by work activities.

Legislation, or laws are in place so that everyone understands how they should act, what is acceptable and what is not. And this is something that should be taken very seriously in health and social care.

Course Content

General Health and Safety

  • Legislation
  • Policies and procedures
  • Responsibilities
  • Specialist training
  • Risk assessments
  • Reporting risks
  • Hazardous substances in your workplace
  • Fire safety

Health and Support

  • Accidents and sudden illness
  • First aid
  • Medication
  • Healthcare activities
  • Moving and assisting


  • Working securely

Stress Management

  • Workplace stress
  • Managing stress

Course Duration

  • 40 minuntes

Target Audience

  • Those working in health and social care requiring an understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Available in

  • Audio with Subtitles

Delivered Via

  • Internet
Price: £25.00