Handling Violence and Aggression at Work


One in five people at work are attacked or abused every year just for doing their job. Teachers, doctors, nurses, carers, social workers, public transport workers, shop workers, DWP staff and many others are all at risk every working day. But there is much that employees and employers can do to reduce the number of victims – and undertaking this course is a positive first step.

As a result of undertaking this course learners will be able to:

  • Explain the causes of violence and aggression
  • Describe how to avoid it
  • State how to deal with aggressive behaviour
  • State how to deal with actual physical violence

Course Content

  • Violence and aggression:
    • Who is at risk?
    • Physical causes
    • Psychological causes
    • Organisational causes
    • Behavioural causes
    • Calculated causes

  • When is work-related violence likely to occur?

  • The warning signs:
    • Facial expressions and mannerisms
    • Body language
    • Voice

  • Avoiding provocation

  • The Control Trilogy

  • Violent behaviour - your options:
    • Getting away
    • Stopping the attack
    • Fighting back

Course Duration

2 hours

Target Audience

  • Anyone who may be exposed to workplace violence or aggression

Available in

  • Audio

Delivered Via

  • Intranet
  • Internet

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Price: £25.00