Careers Job-Seeking & Employability Skills

Career Codex for Education
This course teaches career guidance and employability skills to enable you to make decisions, stand out and be the one who gets hired. On completion, you will have a completely different perspective as to how the job market works and your position in it. As a result of completing this course you will be in proactive control of your career every step of the way. You’ll be in a position to make an informed career choice and empowered to define, find and secure the job opportunity you really want.
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Career Codex for Education (Work Experience)
This is a standalone course that acts as an effective tool for those wanting to get the best from Work Experience. The module is based on the Work Experience module contained in the full Career Codex for Education course - which covers the entire Employability and jobseeking skills essential for students, first-time jobseekers and meeting the requirement for FE and HE institutions.
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